Boat House

The University of Limerick Boat House offers state of the art facilities some of which are detailed below:

Training Facilities:

  • State of the Art Indoor Rowing Tank 
  • A set of 20 indoor rowing ergometers. 
  • A set of 7 stationary bicycles. 
  • A fully equipped Olympic standard gym.
  • A fully equipped and stocked boat shed.

Meeting and Training Rooms:
The boat house has 2 separate meeting room/ training facilities. Both have been used in the past by Cycle Ireland and Rowing Ireland as well as the Irish Institute of Sports. 

Changing Rooms:
The Boat House has full changing facilities for both males and females which include:

  • Toilet Facilities
  • Hot showers
  • Lockers

The Cafeteria:
Our cafeteria has a full equipped kitchen & dining area for about 40 people.